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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn some hints and tricks by what other customers have asked!

Create a Candle endeavours to answer all your questions the best way possible. We are in the process of compiling our most frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of Soy Wax?
Soy Wax has many benefits:
  • Burns cleaner
  • Burns longer
  • Burns cooler
  • Renewable and sustainable resource, minimising the effect on the eco system.
  • Non GM (genetically modified) and Kosher certified.
  • Great benefit to soy candles/melts is they have a cool and warm scent, you don't need to light them to have a great aroma in your home.
  • Each candle and melt is scented with the maximum % that soy wax can tolerate, giving you a high quality product that will see you coming back for more.


How do I know which wick size to use?

The correct wick size is determined by the diameter of your jar, measure across the widest part and then check out our wick guide by following this link. Keep in mind the height of the jar does not determine wick size only the width of the jar.

How much wax should I use for my jar?

The best way to know how much wax to use, is by filling your jar up with water and then pour into a measuring jug.  How many mls of water = how many grams of dry wax flakes, for example if your jar takes 100ml water = 100gm dry wax flakes.


How much fragrance oil can I add?

Soy wax can take a maximum of 10% fragrance oil load, for example 100gm dry wax flakes = 10ml fragrance oil


What happens if I add too much fragrance oil?

If you add more than 10% of fragrance oil the soy wax will collapse under the weight and become very frothy.  You are also at risk of your candle becoming flammable.


What should I do if I have added to much fragrance oil?

This is an easy fix, all you need to do is add in some more wax to take up the extra fragrance oil.  For example if you have added 50ml too much fragrance oil, just add in 500gm soy wax.


My candle doesn't have a very strong scent throw, how do I fix it?

Each fragrance oil is different, some are stronger, some are weaker, some are of thin consistency and some have a thick consistency.  For this reason it is important to test with your favourite fragrance oils to see the correct fragrance load.  You may find at 10% your scent throw is not great, reason for this could be that your fragrance is of a thick consistency and is clogging the wick, so if you drop your load down to 8% chances are you will get a better scent throw.


How do I colour my candles?

We sell colour chips for you to colour your candles, each colour chip will colour 500gm soy wax to a light colour.  The colour chip is added into the wax at the same time when you add the fragrance oil.  The wax colour will always look darker in the jug than when the candle dries, to know the exact colour, just pop a small amount onto a white plate.


Which soy wax should I use for melts?

We stock Golden soy wax and recommend using GW416 Blend for melts and moulds.


Which soy wax should I use for candles?

We stock Golden Soy brand soy wax and recommend using GW464 for jar candles.


What causes my jar to go a bit black?

This can happen from the wick been the wrong size and also not trimming the wick between burns.  We recommend trying a smaller wick and ensuring your wick is trimmed between each burn.