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Fragrance Oil Guide

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Fragrance Oil Guide

A fragrance for every occasion to entice your senses!


Fragrance Oil Guide

We source candle fragrance oils from many different fragrance houses across the world.  We happily purchase the majority of our candle fragrance oils from an Australian company.

The fragrance oils we sell are of very high quality and are no different in quality to top seller perfume oils.  Each fragrance oil contains both synthetic and essential oils, with many oils having a very high concentration of essential oils.

All of our fragrance oils are made to IFRA standards and are phthalate free.

We recommend fragrance load of between 7-10% or 70-100 mls per 1kg of soy wax.  


Testing is important as fragrance oils range from subtle to very strong.

We do not recommend the use of 100% essential oils with candles as the raw ingredients can be very volatile, if you choose to use essential oils you need to keep the fragrance load to no more than 5% or 50ml per 1kg soy wax.


Disclaimer – This information is provided as a general guide, no guarantee is given or responsibility taken by Create a Candle for any errors in the information provided.  As a general guide provided above no liability will be offered by Create a Candle for any issues related to your candle making.